Do you ever think about what will happen to the family heritage, traditions, culture, and teachings of your ancestors, when you die? If you do think about this, then it is time to create a legacy book. When you create a family legacy book, you will leave behind a story of a lifetime for your family and for your future generations. At Gemstone Ghostwriting, we will work with you one-on-one to create a legacy book for your family that is one of a kind, so that you can give the gift of your family history to your loved ones. Unleash the power of a legacy story that can shape the lifestyles of your future generations. Preserve your culture, history, and truth by creating a legacy book today!


Includes as many one-on-one sessions that are needed to gather information about your family history and a carefully customized family legacy book with or without images. Get your book in just three to five months after all the information has been collected!
Contact us at maria@gemstoneghostwriting.com to send an inquiry for your legacy book today!
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