Ghostwriting has been around for many years. Ghostwriting is a craft. It is the craft of writing a book for someone who doesn’t have time to write a book, someone who cannot write eloquently, or for someone who would rather skip the hassle of writing a book on their own. Many books today have been ghostwritten. What this means is the author on the face of the book, isn’t always the person who has written the book themselves. Where ghostwriting is concerned, the ghostwriter themselves cannot claim to have written a book. The writer is essentially a ghost, who doesn’t take the front-line credit of the work. It should be that way. Ghostwriters are simply present to facilitate the writing process, they are not the people with the story line and therefore should not get the credit for simply having facilitated the writing process. Well, at least that’s what we believe at Gemstone Ghostwriting. You may be wondering, what pleasure lies simply in writing a book for someone and not being recognized for the work? The pleasure is indeed great. Being a ghostwriter doesn’t mean that someone is taking credit for your work. In fact, ghostwriting is a collaborative process whereby, the ghostwriter works one on one with the author or authors involved in a project, to create a masterpiece. Without the idea of the author, there wouldn’t be any need to write a book. Therefore, ghostwriting is one of the greatest crafts that there are in the creative arts field. Not only does a ghostwriter have to capture the tone and voice of the author they are working with, however, the ghostwriter needs to articulate a story exactly how the author envisions it to be. This is what makes the craft of ghostwriting so great. At Gemstone Ghostwriting, we firmly believe in our craft and feel that it is an honor to be able to help aspiring authors through their journey of manifesting a book.

We are adamant on helping people manifest their goal of becoming authors and we do so by working one on one with each client, in a dedicated manner. When we ghostwrite, we are committed to the project at a deep level, to ensure that the work produced is of a high quality and standard. What is intimidating for most people about having a book ghostwritten is the price. When you do a simple google search for a ghostwriter, you will notice that many people are pricing their product based on the potential of the book to sell. While we appreciate that many ghostwriters take this approach to pricing their work, we at Gemstone Ghostwriting have not priced our work based on the potential of the sales the book can generate. We simply don’t feel that is the right pricing strategy for us. We have designed our pricing around the effort that we need to put in, to create a masterpiece, and the time commitment required to create a book. The reason we are priced lower than many ghostwriters is because we understand that although each book has the potential to sell many copies, not every book does. We understand that writing the book is one part of becoming an author however, marketing the book and getting sales is a whole other deal. The reality is that, while we hope the book you write becomes a best seller, it very well may not become a best seller. At Gemstone Ghostwriting we also understand that many people want to write books, to entertain, or to educate their audiences with their knowledge, and many people do not have 30K to dish out. Therefore, we have priced our books in an affordable manner, thus making our services accessible to a wider audience. We will add that although our pricing strategy is solid, it is not the sole reason that we have been privileged to work with clients. The reason that we are able to work with clients is because of the quality of our work and our ability to foster long-term relationships with our clients, who not only see us as their trusted source for writing books, however, as partners in their long-term journey of becoming an established author. Gemstone Ghostwriting is a trusted partner for many people, and we hope that you entrust us with your project and see how we can benefit you not just as a ghostwriting company, but as a partner in helping you achieve your goal to becoming a trusted author.

Although, we cannot show our previous works, due to a nondisclosure agreement between us and our lovely clients, we do have samples of work to present to you. In fact, Maria, the lead ghostwriter has written a book under her penname, Mary, called, “The Grand Castle Boutique,” that is a fictional book. We are happy to share samples of that book, and of other works that we have cultivated throughout the years, that are our own pieces of work and do not belong to our clients. However, that is not the only way we assure that our work will be great. What we do is we intend on working with you to write each chapter of your book, and have you  review 1 to 3 written chapters, to see how you are liking the flow and structure of the work, and what revisions you would like to make to the work, to ensure that the book is being written in a manner that best suits your needs. Initially we will also work with you to create an outline of the book, to present how the characters and the plot will develop throughout the story. After the outline has been finalised, we will work to create the masterpiece that you envision to manifest as your very own novel. At Gemstone Ghostwriting, we are very passionate about the work that we do. Where we have a lead ghostwriter, we also have an expert editor that we work with, to edit your books. Our in-house editor has years of editing experience and has read many books on Canadian grammar. The editor is available to edit your work for proofreading, developmental editing, and other editing services that you may require. We are happy to say that two of the packages we offer includes editing services for you at a very affordable price. If you are looking for a full-service ghostwriting company, Gemstone Ghostwriting is the company for you.


You may be on the brink of a great idea for a great read however, you don’t know how to turn that idea of yours into a physical book. It could be that you want to become an author however you simply don’t have the time to write a book. In both cases, you could benefit from hiring a ghostwriter. Not only is a ghostwriter beneficial for the two cases we just mentioned however, a ghostwriter may be able to help you if you are struggling to structure your thoughts, develop your ideas, or to simply write down your thoughts in the form of a great book. Hiring a ghostwriter can have many associated benefits. However, you want to make sure that you are not just hiring any old ghostwriter. In fact, finding a trusted ghostwriter is not an easy process. Amidst the many ghostwriters who exist, very many know the craft well however, you will also stumble across people who may not know the craft as well as others. So the question is, how do you tell if the person you are contemplating working with is a good ghostwriter, especially when they don’t have a portfolio of work to show you? Well as complicated as the question sounds, the reality is that there are small indicators that will help you determine if the ghostwriter you are about to hire is worthy of working with you or not. Below are some tips that will help you determine the best ghostwriter for your needs and to help determine whether or not a particular ghostwriter could worthy of working with you.


Although a ghostwriter cannot showcase the work they have done for previous clients, a good ghostwriter will have a strong portfolio of work to show you before you commit to their services. The best ghostwriters may have even written their own books, which they may be willing to share with you so you can get a feel for their way of writing. If someone does not have samples of their work to show you, that could be a red flag. Anyone who is trusted in the business will have a portfolio of work just like any other artist would have, to show their clients before the commitment to work with them is made. When you get to see the samples of work, you want to assess the quality of writing to make sure that the quality of work is up to par or at least meets your standards. The second thing that you want to look for with samples is the tone and style of the ghostwriter. Assess the tone and the style of writing to see if you resonate with the style of the particular ghostwriter, you are contemplating working with. If you do not like what they have written or their style, you may need to keep looking for someone that is a better fit for you.


Often times we are looking for a bargain or a great deal on the services and products that we purchase. At Gemstone Ghostwriting, we would say that if the price is too good to be true, then the quality of work may be substandard. You want to make sure that the ghostwriter is not charging a dirt cheap amount of money for your project. Yes there could be some genuine people who are charging very low amounts of money because they are just starting out however, the likelihood of coming across such a person, is not that easy. Just because its cheap, doesn’t mean you will reap. So when you are out looking for a ghostwriter, you want to make sure that they are reasonably priced. Even those who are starting out will know the value of their work and will be priced higher than the dirt cheap offers that are available out there.


Typically in today’s time, most companies will have this basic information presented on their website. However, occasionally you will come across companies who may not have this information available to show you. If a ghostwriting company lacks a clear vision, for their business, it is unlikely that they will be able to deliver the same quality of work as someone who does have the sense of vision for their ghostwriting brand.


Moreover, it is always important to assess your options when thinking of making such a big investment such as writing a book. Always shop around to see what options are available to you and work with someone that is trustworthy, and who is genuinely interested in your project.

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